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Meeting Cambridgeshire’s Energy Needs

November 14, 2013

An invitation to consider the Cambridgeshire Renewables Infrastructure Framework and what happened next…

Before MLEI there was CRIF – the Cambridgeshire Renewable Infrastructure Framework project!
The CRIF Project spent nine months building up the evidence base for what levels of energy we will need in the future in Cambridgeshire to sustain and grow our businesses, manage rising fuel costs and secure local energy supplies to build energy resilience, self sufficiency and local jobs.

As you all know, the work didn’t stop there. The Mobilising Local Energy Investment Project responds directly to the questions raised by CRIF – specifically the need for upfront investment in low carbon infrastructure on a scale that brings multiple benefits for the local economy and communities.

We are running a short event on the 21st November to re-engage all of the communities that were involved in the CRIF project, specifically to share proposals for the Low Carbon Investment Fund and Low Carbon Development Unit – a financial and delivery arrangement that would help deliver low carbon energy projects on a greater scale and at a faster pace than ever before in Cambridgeshire.

The event is open, so anyone wishing to find out a bit more about the project is welcome.

Date: Thursday 21st November 2013
Time: 16:00 – 18:00pm
Venue: Hauser Forum, West Cambridge University Site, Cambridge
Price: FREE

Please register to attend on eventbrite, or contact
by Tuesday 19th November with any queries.

  1. Graham Thomas permalink


    This is really interesting. I am looking forward to attending next week.

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