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Energy Performance Contracting for Cambridgeshire Schools?

October 2, 2013

Impington Village College (IVC) is one of Cambridgeshire’s schools leading the way in managing its energy use. Earlier this year IVC signed a contract that will enable the school not just to cut its energy use and carbon footprint, but also to create a source of long-term revenue. Capital works to improve the energy efficiency of the school, a behavioural change programme and a biomass boiler will be funded by Skanska as part of the agreement. IVC will pay back the capital costs over 10 years using the savings from energy bills and revenue income from biomass.

This is an approach that is very exciting for the MLEI project. We plan to commission a similar service that we can offer to all of Cambridgeshire’s schools, with the finance coming through the project’s Low Carbon Investment Fund.

We will be discussing this and the MLEI project in general at an event on the 8th October at IVC. The event is specifically for local politicians, and we will brief Cambridgeshire County, District and City Councillors on the issues of energy security, energy demand and possible solutions for Cambridgeshire – including the approach outlined above.

For more details about the event please contact the project team on

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