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Summer review and planning ahead

August 20, 2013

August is often a quieter time in local authorities, as it is in many working environments. But as project manager for the MLEI Cambridgeshire project I can’t say it feels like anything has slowed down! In particular we have been busy reviewing progress and planning the next phase of activity.

During June and July our consultants VERCO proposed a financial and delivery model that could enable a major step-up in delivery of low carbon energy infrastructure in Cambridgeshire, using public sector assets to leverage private sector input. A full report bringing together all the learning that has fed into this model, including the wider policy context, stakeholder views and discussion of potential financing arrangements, has now been produced. We will make that available to interested parties as soon as we can.

The next step is the development of a detailed business case based on financial modelling and more detailed information about the first phase of energy infrastructure projects. We will then need to seek formal approval, via the democractic decision making process, to proceed with setting up a financial and delivery model.

In the meantime do get in touch if you’d like to find out more. Also look out for further details of outreach events about the project planned for the autumn.

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