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A Finance model for energy investment in Cambridgeshire

July 8, 2013

In order to design and test  the most appropriate fund model and delivery mechanisms consultants Verco have created a ‘strawman’ – a work up of what this could look like on the basis of research into the best fit model.  The strawman is currently in the process of being tested, discussed and further developed.

Local businesses, investors, academics and senior managers from the local authorities have been invited to a workshop this week to shape how a new  financial mechanism can deliver more investment into energy infrastructure in Cambridgeshire to benefit the economy, ensure businesses can grow, homes can access local affordable energy and critical services have sufficient energy to deliver to those in need.

A further event is planned during the autumn, that will be open to all stakeholders to share the Mobilising Local Energy Investment Project aims and objectives, learn what financial and delivery arrangements are required to bring about more investment in clean local energy and to discuss how local communities can invest in and own their own energy infrastructure.

To find out more about upcoming events and the consultant’s ‘strawman’ please contact us direct on

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